Exercise is Medicine

I am happy to assist in customizing modes, titrating doses, periodizing systems & aid in injury prevention, rehabilitation and/or recovery. Your time is valuable & you deserve maximum return on your efforts with minimum biological costs.  Let me help you embrace lifestyle choices that maximize your wellbeing.

The current scientific research irrefutably supports medicinal value of exercise. This means you must move. Operating your musculoskeletal system mindfully & responsibly is an excellent way to ensure your movement fluency & health. You will learn the “how” by getting on the same page with your body through spirited mind/body connections.

Benefits of exercise are numerous & you are likely familiar with many.  Did you know that chronic diseases result from abnormally expressed genes? Since our ancestors were physically active with hunting & gathering, our genome is maladapted by modern sedentary lifestyle, which modifies gene expression and presents as clinically overt disease. If you want to nerd out more, here is the full length article from The Journal of Physiology: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2290514/

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