Rx: Human Restoration.

The times are fast & uncertain.

Who knows what may happen?

«The first wealth is health.» R.W. Emerson

Welcome. Let’s begin.

You are cordially invited to retreat into a cocoon of self care & love. Removed from your habitual environment, you’ll be supported & guided by an experienced coach, doctor of physical therapy & your best self through a mind/body detox that will nourish & fortify your entire being. All inclusive stay includes daily: inspiring & independent accommodation in Washington DC, customized nutrient-dense meals, prescribed movement, a wide menu of meditation, variety of bodywork.

Root. Center. Rise.

3 days – 3 weeks

“The journey of the self, through oneself, to the self.” -The Bhagavad Gita

Inspiration into 2021
Bar Harbor, Maine
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