Rx: Human Restoration.

The times are fast & uncertain.

Who knows what may happen?

«The first wealth is health.» R.W. Emerson

Welcome. Let’s begin.

You are cordially invited to retreat into a cocoon of self care & love. Happy to meet you exactly where you are. Sometimes it is great to get away from habitual environment and other times it makes more sense to cultivate health exactly where you are. You’ll be supported & guided by an experienced coach, doctor of physical therapy & your best self through a mind/body detox that will nourish & fortify your entire being. Individualized 1:1 approach will nourish your being with customized nutrient-dense meals, prescribed & instructed movement, a wide menu of meditation, and variety of bodywork.

Root. Center. Rise.

3 days – 3 weeks

“The journey of the self, through oneself, to the self.” -The Bhagavad Gita

Inspiration into 2021
Bar Harbor, Maine
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