Clients Say:

Many personal training clients found that Svetlana’s medical expertise allowed them to push forward and train smarter. Not only did they find her instruction insightful and encouraging, but they could also come to her for advice about training recovery, injuries and chronic physical ailments.

Working with Sveta helps get my mind and body in order.  The breath work clears my mind of extraneous noise and stress.  The stretching has improved quality of life by giving me a greater range of motion. The deep tissue work has eliminated many back issues that I have been trying to resolve for ever.

-Suresh S.

I have worked with Svetlana for several years, first in her capacity as a personal trainer and later as a yoga instructor.  Her fitness & yoga instruction is informed heavily by her education and training as a licensed physical therapist.  Because of her intervention I have been able to alleviate and manage chronic pain in several areas of my body and lose a substantial amount of weight (50 lb), which I’ve been able to maintain for nearly 3 years.  Every time I have met with Svetlana I have learned something new.  I recommend her highly to anyone who is seeking to establish discipline in their fitness habits and who is looking to overcome bodily pains through movement.

-Mary K.

Svetlana is very knowledgeable and creative. She knows how to target treatment and does an excellent job of explaining what and why she is recommending particular exercises or treatment. She is inspiring and encouraging. Plus, she is personable and has a good sense of humor. I highly recommend her.

-Paul R.

I’ve known and worked with Svetlana for several years now.  As a health professional myself, I confidently say her depth of knowledge, genuine passion and compassion, and energy are wonderful to be around and have as an instructor and/or physical therapist.  Svetlana has improved my movement, flexibility, and self awareness, and has challenged me over the years to try new exercises, mobility work, and therapies that have helped reduce chronic tension and keep me in best form.  
She is extremely knowledgable about the body and somehow always takes you to exhaustion with a smile!  I’ve personally referred several of my clients to her who have all been extremely happy with her services and grateful to know her. I highly recommend Svetlana for coaching, training, physical therapy, and any form of mindfulness practice.  Call her!

-Bobak G.

I’ve been working with Sveta for years. Her breadth of knowledge is impressive; personal training, physical therapy and yoga instruction, all with good certifications. When COVID-19 hit I was concerned about not being able to see her twice a week, but remote sessions were so effective I now do shorter, daily sessions. My specific benefit is driven by her deep understanding of the musculoskeletal system, and how she incorporates yoga techniques to improve my flexibility and core strength. Add to that a healthy dose of strength training, nutritional coaching and cardio recommendations. I have never been in better shape than I am now at (ahem) 50+. Sveta has been a critical part of that achievement, and I would highly recommend her.

-Kevin R

I have been training with Ms. S. for over four years, once or twice a week. She has consistently focused on my goals as well as ensuring that I improved on core strength, balance and posture (not in my goals). She combined her training as a personal trainer and as a doctor in physical therapy to help me improve on my localized challenges: shoulder and ankle. I found her very pleasant and funny but also relentless with regard to goals. I hope to continue training with Ms. S. for many years to come.

-Catherine Kleynhoff

I have chronic pain and limited mobility due to a progressive disease.  I have been working with Dr. Sidilkovskaia regularly for four years.  As a result,  I am stronger in body and mind. Other physical therapists have given up; Svetlana has not.  She will not let me give up on myself.  Dr. S addresses the whole person.  She is not trying to fix me.  She is helping me be my best self.  Svetlana is MY physical therapist.  She should be yours, too!

-Mayy Selim

I enthusiastically and without reservation recommend Svetlana Sidilkovskaia as a superb physical therapist, by far the best I have encountered over a lifetime of various injuries.  Prior to her doctorate pursuits we trained at Equinox Fitness in Tyson’s Corner.  Next, I became a patient of Svetlana since she became licensed as a physical therapist over four years ago for treatment of a shoulder rotator cuff injury, and post-surgery rehabilitation following knee replacement surgery and a subsequent knee surgery that became infected.  I have also referred family members and colleagues to Svetlana for a variety of injuries and physical ailments.  In all cases, Svetlana succeeded in reducing pain and increasing functionality. Every session involves an hour of her undivided attention with multiple techniques in addition to traditional physical therapy including dry needling, massage, manipulation, and therapeutic exercises. Svetlana is fabulous.

-Alan Weiss

Sveta is a very knowledgeable teacher and guide to better understanding the body. She understands both spiritual and science approach to the body and mind, and can assist with problems seamlessly. Her authentic presence is so powerful and magnetic that can leave you feeling enlightened and full of energy. 
Definitely recommend her offerings.

-Niki A.

I went to Svetlana with an impinged shoulder. After spending weekly sessions with Svetlana for six months, I could play Bach cantatas on the xylophone.


By far that Sveta is hands-down the best yoga instructor, the best physical therapist, actually she’s the best personal coach. She helped me become the best me.  I highly recommend her. She is the person that you need as your best friend and teacher for life.  I give her a million stars although this program only allows 5. I look forward to seeing her again soon.

-Gail D.

I trained with Svetlana during my stay in Washington DC from 2015 to 2018. It was a wonderful experience: we trained, i improved my mental and physical condition and we become friends. She is very professional, she has a strong working ethic and she takes care she of you. Thanks for all, Svetlana!!


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