I honor the Light in you & I am here to serve.

Every body is different. My goal is to inspire authentic and lasting change from within to teach you to experience and use your body responsibly. After the initial assessment, I will create a personalized wellness program that works with your strengths and weaknesses.


Patient specific questionnaire and goal setting, clinical tests, health & movement screenings, objective measures, physiotherapy diagnosis. Often initial dose of treatment is part of initial evaluation. 


Given specific demands of your lifestyle and/or sport, self care strategies will be taught to optimize performance and injury proof the body.

High Standard PT

Tissue quality evaluation and treatment: myofascial trigger point treatment with manual and other modalities, joint mobilizations for pain modulation and improvement in motion; can be combined with electrical stimulation, Game Ready, ice and heat, cupping, etc.

Thai Massage

Ancient healing system acts as decongestant to mind & body through palming & thumbing of Sen energy lines in assisted yoga postures. 

Dry Needling

Extremely efficient method to treat Myofascial dysfunction & muscular pain. A sterile needle is inserted into myofascial trigger points, which allows the muscle to reset its function. When combined with neuromuscular re-education, an excellent opportunity to reduce impairment & increase function.

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