Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

Months before arriving to Maui I dreamt of flying above Pacific in Utkatasana while sitting on a wooden chair… Here I am. 10 reasons to choose this chair: 1. Ankle dorsiflexion strengthens feet and ankles against ankle sprains. Distribute weight evenly between inner & outter heel, ball of the foot & base of pinky. AllowContinue reading “Utkatasana (Chair Pose)”


Posture is the most important musculoskeletal investment for at least these 5 reasons: 1. Optimal muscle recruitment 2. Maximum joint congruency 3. Efficiency in force transfer 4. Superior athletic performance 5. Injury prevention Proper alignment optimizes function, distributing forces more evenly, thus reducing biological costs & increasing athletic performance. Begin with the Mountain posture toContinue reading “Posture.”