Heart Lifts

One of the most important strengths is the ability to nourish the heart & uplift spirits. Another interaction of mind & body working together to shift energy, improve posture & outlook. Postural dysfunction is often caused by head forward misalignment, muscle imbalance in shoulder girdle musculature and unconscious collapse in the heart space. Mental &Continue reading “Heart Lifts”

Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

Months before arriving to Maui I dreamt of flying above Pacific in Utkatasana while sitting on a wooden chair… Here I am. 10 reasons to choose this chair: 1. Ankle dorsiflexion strengthens feet and ankles against ankle sprains. Distribute weight evenly between inner & outter heel, ball of the foot & base of pinky. AllowContinue reading “Utkatasana (Chair Pose)”