HAPPY HUMAN Rx: Harmony in Body, Mind & Energy

Humans are divinely engineered. Our minds and bodies are tools to live our best lives. Calibrating, synchronizing, harmonizing the inner world will absolutely lead to wellness. Respecting and appreciating the processes instead of chasing outcomes will cultivate your best & healthiest self.

  1. Body – to be celebrated & nourished by high variety of movement.
  2. Mind – an incredible machine that can be trained it to serve your Highest Self.
  3. Energy – life force (prana) can be cultivated & manipulated with Pranayama.

Juan Gatti

Published by silasveta

As a curious athlete of life, you will most often find me engaged in cultivating, contemplating, studying and experimenting with my passion for movement matters of a human body. Stance & posture, ladies & gentlemen, are paramount in navigating ups & downs of living. Our musculoskeletal capacities may malfunction in the modern world. It is my calling to tune up, get moving & keep moving your flesh & bones...the mind & spirit are encouraged to attend.

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