The Shoulder

This joint allows most freedom of movement in the body, 360 degrees & 3 planes. Given suboptimal postures, repetitive activities, degenerative changes & lack of harmony between 19 muscles that cross the joint, shoulder pain is very common. Improved posture, scapular & thoracic mobility, optimal scapulohumeral rhythms, rotator cuff & core strengthening create a positive healing environment. Give these conservative & targeted exercises a daily go for 6 weeks & you will find improvement in pain & function.

6 weeks Shoulder Prescription

Published by silasveta

As a curious athlete of life, you will most often find me engaged in cultivating, contemplating, studying and experimenting with my passion for movement matters of a human body. Stance & posture, ladies & gentlemen, are paramount in navigating ups & downs of living. Our musculoskeletal capacities may malfunction in the modern world. It is my calling to tune up, get moving & keep moving your flesh & bones...the mind & spirit are encouraged to attend.

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