The Calm in the Eye of the Storm

Washington DC is one charged city. The capital of the United States attracts a beautiful diversity of humans from every part of the world, often with competing agendas. Denizens are courageous, bright & driven minds, determined to solve problems. The vortex of intellectual, political & business pursuits appears to be costly in peace of mind & health of body. I am grateful that my work allows me to help people to embody themselves from within, ground the stance, center the energy, breathe slower and smile more.

Warrior 2 Prana Play, excellent strengthen & open hips, elongate spine.

The Shoulder

This joint allows most freedom of movement in the body, 360 degrees & 3 planes. Given suboptimal postures, repetitive activities, degenerative changes & lack of harmony between 19 muscles that cross the joint, shoulder pain is very common. Improved posture, scapular & thoracic mobility, optimal scapulohumeral rhythms, rotator cuff & core strengthening create a positive healing environment. Give these conservative & targeted exercises a daily go for 6 weeks & you will find improvement in pain & function.

6 weeks Shoulder Prescription

HAPPY HUMAN Rx: Harmony in Body, Mind & Energy

Humans are divinely engineered. Our minds and bodies are tools to live our best lives. Calibrating, synchronizing, harmonizing the inner world will absolutely lead to wellness. Respecting and appreciating the processes instead of chasing outcomes will cultivate your best & healthiest self.

  1. Body – to be celebrated & nourished by high variety of movement.
  2. Mind – an incredible machine that can be trained it to serve your Highest Self.
  3. Energy – life force (prana) can be cultivated & manipulated with Pranayama.

Juan Gatti

Movement Mediations: the Upper Body Detox

Synchronicity of movement & breath is simple & potent. Breath is a tool to unite mind & body, to guide inward focus, to cultivate prana. This complex is often used as a warm up in yoga linking breath & movement, balancing musculature of the upper body, improving posture awareness & releasing tension from neck & shoulders. Try it as an antidote you to spending too much time in front of computer.

Food as Medicine

Nutrition Density = Content of beneficial nutrients, vitamins & minerals/calorie

Nourish your hunger.

Choose food based on how well it can nourish you.

Be fully present when you eat & chew thoroughly.

Have an early dinner & late breakfast.

“Disease comes from too many thoughts & too much food.” Baba Muktananda

My personal choice is a vegan diet to support my health, planet health & animal rights. While this choice may not be right for everyone, reducing animal products & increasing uptake of vegetables is a win/win/win all around.

Anti-inflammatory guidelines to speed up healing