Posture is the most important musculoskeletal investment for at least these 5 reasons: 1. Optimal muscle recruitment 2. Maximum joint congruency 3. Efficiency in force transfer 4. Superior athletic performance 5. Injury prevention Proper alignment optimizes function, distributing forces more evenly, thus reducing biological costs & increasing athletic performance. Begin with the Mountain posture toContinue reading “Posture.”

Strength Training & Yoga

Yoga asanas are complementary to strength in many ways: 1. They send mind, attention, energy within 2. Calibrate muscle balance 3. Create stability, mobility & cohesion (I call it “peace & ease” within musculoskeletal system Back squat is one of the best strength developing exercises. Warrior 3 is an excellent posture to prep & unloadContinue reading “Strength Training & Yoga”

The Calm in the Eye of the Storm

Washington DC is one charged city. The capital of the United States attracts a beautiful diversity of humans from every part of the world, often with competing agendas. Denizens are courageous, bright & driven minds, determined to solve problems. The vortex of intellectual, political & business pursuits appears to be costly in peace of mindContinue reading “The Calm in the Eye of the Storm”

The Shoulder

This joint allows most freedom of movement in the body, 360 degrees & 3 planes. Given suboptimal postures, repetitive activities, degenerative changes & lack of harmony between 19 muscles that cross the joint, shoulder pain is very common. Improved posture, scapular & thoracic mobility, optimal scapulohumeral rhythms, rotator cuff & core strengthening create a positiveContinue reading “The Shoulder”

HAPPY HUMAN Rx: Harmony in Body, Mind & Energy

Humans are divinely engineered. Our minds and bodies are tools to live our best lives. Calibrating, synchronizing, harmonizing the inner world will absolutely lead to wellness. Respecting and appreciating the processes instead of chasing outcomes will cultivate your best & healthiest self. Body – to be celebrated & nourished by high variety of movement. MindContinue reading “HAPPY HUMAN Rx: Harmony in Body, Mind & Energy”